Herbal Remedies & Topicals

We carry our own brand of over 30 different original and classical Chinese herbal patent formulas. Remedies include oral products for cold & flu, pain, sleep, energy, digestion, genito-urinary and systemic detoxing. We have a limited selection of vitamin & mineral supplements and topicals which include handcrafted herbal avocado soaps, salves, mouth care and other products. We deliver to any address within the continental U.S.A within a minimum of 3 business days. We also offer same day local delivery in Pinellas county FL areas only.


FRUITea Juices, Soups & Snacks

Comfort meals and snacks are great for when you're not feeling well. Choose from our selection of fresh heat & eat medicinal soups, bottled fresh herbal juices and probiotic smoothies, fresh antioxidant fruit sorbets and herbal remedies. Order for quick local contact-less delivery in Pinellas county FL areas only.

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  • We love our customers! We take extra steps to ensure safety and hygiene practices for germ control and disease prevention.