Heart Harmonizer Guide

Heart Harmonizer Guide

Integrative Medicine and Your Heart

It is well understood that you can avoid or at least reduce the risk of future heart problems by adopting and sticking to a healthier lifestyle. In both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine perspectives, prevention is the key purpose for healthy lifestyle maintenance. The main areas of prevention include avoiding tobacco, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, screening blood pressure, cholesterol levels and diabetes. A key factor in adopting a healthier lifestyle is what you eat in your regular diet. Your diet should contain the necessary nutrients that can be found in various animal and plant sources.

The Significance of Qi, Yang and Yin in a Healthier Lifestyle

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin and yang move in a cycle and qi keeps them in motion. Qi can be obtained through food, drink and the fresh air your breath in. Yang is prominent during the day when our heart should be energetic and pumping healthy, abundant oxygen and nutrient rich blood. You should be active, feel a sense of well-being and accomplish necessary tasks. Yin is prominent at night when you should relax and sleep should take place. Your heart can have a chance to rest and nutrition flows through your blood to provide sustenance and maintenance for your body organs. 

The Importance of the Daily Qi, Yang and Yin Cycle

Starting the day with a qi reinforcement, the breakfast, provides the initial energy to help with daytime tasks. As the initial energy begins to wane towards noon, the body needs a a yang invigoration. 

A yang invigoration boost at lunch time helps with afternoon activity, then diminishes towards the evening.

In the evening at dinner time, your body prepares for yin nourishment and settlement towards relaxation. At bedtime during sleep, your heart and other body organs can spend the night resting and healing.

What a Harmonized Body, Heart and Mind Feels Like 

Harmonizing the daily Qi, Yang and Yin Cycle benefits the body, heart and mind.

A harmonized body= balance. You wake up automatically in the morning after a night of restful sleep, your natural energy rises and is available for completing daytime focus of making life decisions and plans. 

A harmonized heart feels light and cool in the chest when oxygenated blood is abundant and lipid levels are more balanced.

The harmonized mind feels clearer, thoughts are more focused and speech is in pace with thought when the blood pressure is at lower and regular levels.

Medicinal Meals for Heart Health 

Harmonizing the Qi, Yang and Yin Cycle with Our Juices, Soups, Teas and Snacks

  • The Qi juices, soups, teas and snacks can be consumed between 5am and 9am to help provide dense energy.
  • The Yang juices, soups, teas and snacks can be consumed between 11am and 3pm to provide energy endurance.
  • The Yin juices, soups, teas and snacks can be consumed between 5pm and 9pm to provide light nourishment, fluid replenishment and relaxation.

Ingredients in Our Bases, Stocks and Brews

Our Juice Bases, Tea Brews and Candies 

The fruits selected naturally contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, probiotics and fiber to help provide nutrients and water to build and cleanse the blood. The pu'er tea and Chinese herbs selected for our teas contain plenty of plant bio-nutritional constituents to help stimulate and activate the meridians where qi energy moves to connect the heart and the rest of the body.

Our Soup Stocks

The land and sea vegetables selected contain plenty of essential minerals especially iodine and probiotics which help produce a natural energetic feeling. Soups varieties include congees which help provide energy, bisques which provide endurance, and broths provide light nourishment and fluid replenishment.

Herbal Remedies For Heart Health

1. Harmonizing the Qi, Yang and Yin Cycle with Our Herbal Remedies

People in the mild to moderate cardiovascular stage may be indicated for lifestyle adjustments alone as measures for prevention and treatment. Impending cardiovascular concerns involve unique biochemical, fluid and blood cell changes that even affect the experiences of common illnesses. During this stage, using herbal medicines and remedies may help. 

  •  The Qi remedies can help with conditions caused by deficiency, and may be better taken by cardiovascular patients in the morning.
  • The Yang remedies can help with conditions caused by exhaustion and may be better taken by cardiovascular patients in the afternoon.
  • The Yin remedies can help with conditions alleviated with nourishment and may be better taken at night when the body can distribute to replenish.