About Us

Niambi Wellness Natural Pharmacy

Our company was established in 2010 as part of a future clinical practice direction for the Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine (ICCM) program. ICCM was created and developed between 2008 and 2013 as Dr. Anika's doctoral study subject. ICCM included many sub projects, and one of the projects was for having a permanent line of OTC (over the counter) herbal remedies and making prescription herbal medicines.

The work involved finding and mining literature; conducting studies; collecting data involving cardiovascular herbs, formulas and pharmaceuticals; searching store shelves for available OTC remedies and what they mean for cardiac patients; analyzing lab created data on raw herbal tinctures made for my experiments; observing Chinese hospital inpatient and outpatient progress and interviewing Chinese cardiac physicians.

Results strongly suggested that people preventing cardiac problems or managing mild to moderate symptoms, need other options beyond pharmaceutical level remedies for common everyday ailments like cold and flu. Cold and flu and other infections were more difficult to get over than for healthy individuals, and sometimes the symptoms contributed to mild but compounding cardiac complications. Other options needed also could not be sweetened with sugars that raise blood sugar or contain chemicals and drugs which spike blood pressure. So, we developed two herbal product lines: GANMAO and FRUITea as well as personal care products.

GANMAO remedies address cold and flu signs and symptoms. FRUITea remedies relieve other issues in cardiac prevention and management such as digestion, energy and sleep. Both include traditional Chinese herbs and agave nectar, which are effective in relieving symptoms and supporting well being without spiking blood pressure and blood sugar. The personal care products include traditional Chinese herbs to relieve mild oral and skin irritations and infections that cardiac patients frequently encounter.

We hope our delicious and effective herbal solutions help anyone modifying their diet and lifestyle for cardiovascular prevention and a better life.