FRUITea Guide

Since 2010, we've been formulating natural remedies for health prevention and well-being. Our prepared herbal products include a base of pu'er tea, raw traditional Chinese herbs, organic fruits, vitamins and minerals. They are naturally sweetened with manuka honey, apple cider or agave nectar. All ingredients are locally sourced in the USA and gluten free.

Our snacks are categorized according to Qi, Yang and Yin. Qi remedies are great for supporting digestion and can be used after as an after meal beverage. Yang remedies are great for vitality and can be used to provide an energy boost or to replenish nutrients after severe muscle exertion, heavy sweating and body fluid loss. Yin remedies assist with relaxation and comfort to initiate rest and sleep

FRUITea is our line of drinks and snacks. They include fresh herb and juice blends, daily support individual liquid tea packets and herbal chewing gum.