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Yin Remedy Guide

Our Syrups and Tinctures for Yin Conditions 


Formula A Helps:

  • anemia
  • promote blood production and circulation
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce blood lipids


Formula B Helps:

  • regulate PMS and menstruation
  • replenish essence
  • sleep problems
  • relieve pain
  • relieve certain types of edema


Formula C Helps:

  • complexion and various skin conditions
  • relieve intestinal parasites
  • relieve mild respiratory issues and dry coughing
  • settle the mind for focus
  • nourish and replenish gastric juices and intestinal flora
  • relieve constipation


Formula D Helps:

  • dizziness, vertigo and headaches
  • vision problems
  • various liver conditions
  • settle the mood for relaxation

If You Are On The Cleanse

General Tincture and Syrup Dosage Plan

Every Evening for Dinner 3pm-9pm:  Our yin juice, yin broth + take a syrup or tincture dose with the yin tea

General Times When Not On the Cleanse

Take a syrup or tincture dose with the tea after the evening meal. Remember to maintain optimal meal times.